Sonntag, 10. November 2013

Lillith Hesperax WIP (part 3)

Hail thee devoted claqueurs!
Seyed gegrüßt ergebene bezahlte Anhängerschaft!

I am slow... I mean real slow... But it went further... only the arms are missing! -.-
Ja... ich bin langsam... dennoch geht es voran... nur noch die Arme fehlen! -.-

But I will still try hard to improve…
Doch ich bemühe mich immernoch, mehr zu üben…



  1. Just so you are aware.. the arms seem to be missing.. not sure if you knew that ;) Otherwise a lovely painted model ;) Curious how you will continue on with the base there as well. Keep it up taggi! Babble indeed!

    1. My Sweeter! What would I do, if I had not you... Well I think I would have written that the arms are missing in the post.... *smile* Good luck with your moving plans!